Ugly 'Per Vertex'-Style Lighting No Matter What I Do

The screenshot is of the default sphere which I squashed a bit to make the ugly shading easier to see. It is still quite hard to see the problem in the screenshot, though it is much worse in game. You can see if you look carefully at the screenshot that there are darker lines extruding along the lines between vertices from the unlit parts of the sphere to the lit parts.

It is using the ‘Default-Diffuse’ material. The same happens no matter what shader I use. And no matter what mesh I use. I have the graphics quality set to ‘fantastic’ and am running it on a very powerful computer.

Does anybody else have this issue. How do I resolve it?

Thank you very much.

Is your camera set to forward or deferred rendering path ?

the problem may be from running the graphics on fantastic the detail may just not be their to see super well. is this a large object or something smaller because if you change the scale of some objects it changes the shading partally. the black lines on your shape look like the grid that comes from a mesh maby your object needs to not have a mesh. these are just ideas to experiment with.