UGUI Button Fails to Trigger Click Events in Volume Camera UnBounded Setting

Environment: PolySpatial 0.7.1, Unity2022 3.15f1, Xcode 15.2 Beta 1
Added UGUI buttons to the InputDataVisualization sample.

  • When Volume Camera is set to Bounded, triggering events by clicking works as expected in both the editor and the simulator.

  • When Volume Camera is set to UnBounded, everything functions correctly in the editor, but in the simulator, the buttons have a hover effect without triggering the events on click.

Environment: PolySpatial 0.6.3, Unity2022 3.11f1, Xcode 15.1 Beta 3
Under UnBounded or Bounded configurations, UGUI buttons work as expected.

I think this post is talking about the same issue. I posted a fix that works for me there.