uGUI Button with collider bigger than sprite

Like written in the title. Is there any way to create an uGUI button with a collision area bigger than the sprite?
I am using unity 4.6 beta v18
I explored the possibility of scripting the collision area but due to the way IsRaycastLocationValid works its not possible (obviously) to detect something beyond the borders of the sprite.

Is there any method that can help me that I don’t know of?

I just tryed this and worked for me:

-Add this scrip:

   #pragma strict
    @script ExecuteInEditMode()
    public class SimpleGraphic extends UI.Graphic{
    	protected function OnFillVBO (vbo : List.<UIVertex> ){
  • -Crate a UI.Image (this will be renderer as button)
  • -Create a UI.Button (this will be invisible)
  • -Remove the UI.Image from the button, and add the new SimpleGraphic
  • -Set Target Graphic to the UI.Image gameObject

You can manipulate the size of both gameObjects independently.

I checked that the new SimpleGraphic component has no drawcall costs (no vertex, no tris)

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there is a easy and clean solution for this.

The quick solution: You can make invisible buttons with transparent sprites (or normal sprites but the color alpha set to 0), it’s rather hacky, but does the job.

The clean solution: Make your own class extending the BaseRaycaster and come up with your own way of doing this.