uGUI: If I make a list view, HolizontalLayout should not be used?

If I am trying to line them up, starting vertically, horizontally, or simply without changing the size of each object, should not use the AutoLayot or probably good.
For example, if I am trying to make a list view which items are arranged in vertical such as Twitter, the size of each item will change With HolizontalLayout.
Should not be used for such purposes these or probably good AutoLayot?
Or would I solve if you use LayoutElement and ContensSizeFilter?
I am hard to know what is for what purpose and AutoLayot, combination ContensSizeFilter, of LayoutElement.

Using LayoutElement and ContentSizeFitter will work: In LayoutElement, put in your preferred size (defaults to the current size of the item) and set ContentSizeFitter to preferred. It will give you a "warning" that you shouldn't combine ContentSizeFitter and LayoutGroup elements, but you can ignore it.

CSF+LE will lock the size of an item, so the Layout Group will just position it without stretching it.

Thank you.
We can continue to have a fixed size.
But, in order to adjust the position of the child object, issues such as where there is a need to change the size of the better of HolizontalLayoutGroup is likely.

If I make a list view, seems to be better without having to use the AuotLayut, made a homebrew class that only the position adjustment of the child objects simply. For example HolizontalAlignmentGroup.

Please let me know if there is an opinion this is not good in design of uGUI.