uh oh noob alert....

I don't have the unity engine but I'm really considering buying it soon, maybe i'll ask for it for christmas, I dunno, but I have no programming knowledge( I took a year of java but I'm no good at it) and I don't know how to mod games or anything, but I really want to be a game designer and I was wondering if i were to purchase the unity engine, would it be the right thing for me or should I start with something easier? So far it looks pretty simple and it's an amazing product and I'd really like to mess around with it sooo.....yes no? reccomendations?

I don't think you're going to have much luck getting "no" responses here. I'd say yeah, go for it! There are lots of friendly people on the forum and in the IRC channel, a growing community made wiki, and a couple of great tutorials to get you started. If you have some Java experience you'll feel really at home with C# in Unity.


wow thanks, friendly people on a message board this is new lol okay then ill definitely ask for it for christmas or something...yay

oh also, can the unity engine be used for a full blown game, or is it more for just concepts and demos, i know that gooball was a full on game, but would it work for FPS or RTS games and whatnot?

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I recommend Unity as well, learning with some of the other stuff out there like open source engines (nebula2, crystal space, etc.) and most other game making kits, or doing it all yourself makes it VERY easy to get discouraged.

Basically with Unity, if you can code it and create the assets for it (level models, characters, textures, sounds, etc) then you can do it in Unity. So yes, RTS and FPS games are possible in Unity. The Unity devs are also adding new features to it constantly so it's only going to get better.

Take a look at the engine documentation for a hint at what you have access to (especially the scripting reference):
http://www.otee.dk/documentation.html (scroll down)

And check these forums to get an idea of how Unity ticks and what you can do with it.

This forum here is extremely helpful and you can usually get several answers to your questions within a day (usually the same day).

You might want to check out the showcase section of this forum to see what other people are doing with Unity as well.

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kk thanks!

It can but ofcourse, given its price tag, it cannot (yet) compete with the big industry engines. This doesn't mean you can't create big releases on it - only that the feature set and quality is not as good as that offered by the big expensive engines.


What I'm trying to say is: yea, but if you stumble on a development team and a couple of million dollars, go for something bigger :)

lol diablo was made by guys in college, they made like pretty much everything for the game in college they didnt have millions of dollars! don't be hatin!

Sure. They made their own engine, no? Game development is possible as long as you have access to a device for writing ascii, but an engine like Unity sure helps a lot :)

I'm saying that game development is always possible, but an engine helps, Unity is great for the purpose, but not ideal. Otherwise the unity community would probably be a tad bigger.

And it could be added: "and they were basically working 20 hours/day 7 days/week for long years" :roll: The fact that there are exceptions does not imply that this is the rule...

lol my bad, i had just heard that they did it the last few years of their college career from a friend, no need to get snippy....be nice to the noob

well take a look at the otee guys, they just made Unity, and they are certainly not in the same scale as any of the BIG companies (yet)- only I don't want to know how many late nights they've been working on it..