UI 4.6 Image blocks Mouse Click

I have a Scroll Rect with a Mask. As a Child, I have an Image that I use for the content of the Scroll Rect. If you click on the image and drag the mouse, it behaves correctly. It slides up and down.

However, I need to add another Image on top of that to make it look better. I added a new image that is on top of the ScrollRect. The problem is that now I cannot use my mouse to select the contents of the ScrollRect because the new Image is on top of it.

Is there a way where I can have an Image that doesn’t accept mouse clicks, so that I may click on Images underneath it instead?

You can add a CanvasGroup component to your Image, and set the Interactible and Block RayCasts to false.

(Unity 4.6.0b20)

I assume that in the future you would be able to use layers and set the Graphic Raycaster Blocking Mask, but I think this is not implemented yet in this version of Unity. Since nothing seems to change when I change this value :stuck_out_tongue:

In my project, it was enough to uncheck "Raycast Target", a Image property.

I didn’t need to have a Canvas Group.