UI alpha portion also visible

Alpha portion of ui also shown around circular button when user look to it in vision os app?

Yes, this is something we’re aware of, and it basically comes from limitations on the RealityKit HoverEffectComponent that we use to display the hover effect when looking at UI elements (that’s the only way we can show a hover effect–visionOS doesn’t provide gaze data directly). The visionOS 2 beta includes more customization options for HoverEffectComponent, which should allow us to remedy this issue in a future release.

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Okay, thanks. Eagerly waiting for resolution. Is there any workaround of this issue ? Thanks.

There’s no workaround at present. Any fix will require visionOS 2.0 (for the hover effect customization) and an updated version of PolySpatial (to use the shader hover effect rather than the standard one).

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