UI and AI movement setup

I am a new programmer, and new to unity so forgive me if i misuse terms. I have done many tutorials and played around with the system but started getting demotivated so im starting to build something that excites me even though it is a little above my paygrade. Figured i can learn as i go. But at least i wont get bored into giving up.

That said, i need help figuring some issues on how to set the play up and other things. Im not asking you to write code, just point me to where i can learn to write it myself, or correct my terminology so i can google it properly.

Overview of game…multiplayer, american football game where users select the play but do not control the game characters.

Question :::

how do i get the selected play from the ui playbook to interact with the scene of the players on the line? Should each playbook selection load a different scene (for each play off-def combination), should i have a script that details the movement of each player for each play? Or (please say yes) is there a simpler, less time consuming way to do this?

Update :: I have since found this article/info on steering behaviors which seems easier than I described, but still would be tedious to do with almost 50 offensive plays and 25 defensive plays to “direct”.

Let me know, I guess, if this is best; or if you have a better way.

Just discovered the state machine within the nav agent which, in theory, looks to be able to do what i want in scripts. again, correct me if im wrong. thanks.