UI and resolution problems (fine in editor, problem in Android build)

Hello, currently the UI elements in my game is responsive to the screen resolution in the Unity Editor game view. I even tried with many resolutions and Free Aspect view in Unity to test my UI and gives perfect results.

However, after I built the game for Android as APK and installing it in my tablet, the UI seems to be broken, UI elements that I had anchored to the corner doesn’t work, some appear offscreen and what should be offscreen became on screen.

I tried changing the build setting to windows and build the game. After I tested it, same problems with the android version.

The UI works perfectly on the editor however, what could be the problem here?
Thank you commUnity.

Hmm, Depending on the editor’s version (e.g. 4.6 or newer) you may find that your “guitexture”'s actual texture files in the editor has been assigned (automatically) the Texture type of : Sprite…

This caused my project to look great within the GUI of the editor, and then look very strange/messed up with different texture sizes/text coordinates on the screen of the device (android).

So, I changed the “Texture Type” To: Legacy GUI (Sorry, it’s a bit longer than that, but I can’t remember the whole title.)

Then… surprisingly the textures started showing (within the editor) as they did (messed up) within the actual android build… So, I can now change them to the right size/screen placement and they match (in the editor) what’s shown in the actual android build.

Hope this helps anyone who was disappointed/pulling their hair out like I was.
(Note: These instructions were for using the “old” Unity GUI system in the 4.6 version of Unity Editor)