UI animations and particlese not working when changing scene

Hi all.
I have a problem with some animations.
I have created a main menu scene where I have animated UI buttons and some particles.
So when I start my game (in editor) so the main menu works as it should and all animations work and so.
But when I enter the game scene and use my pause menu there to come back to main menu so all the animations have stopped working and the particles have only the prewarm state but they are not working either.
For the menu animations I used the animation editor in unity and just changed scale and color.
Do I need to do some scripting to get the animations to run when returning to the scene or is there some settings that I have missed?


Ok I got this solved. I just needed to use the Start() function to force animations on every time the scene is loaded. It was a problem when jumping between scenes so the animations were stopped for some reason.

Thanks for your help.
It just happened to me then I put a Time.timescale = 1 on a Start() function. Maybe like you did. Works fine.
void Start(){ Time.timeScale = 1; }