UI Batching and extra parameters

Sorry to make another thread about the same, but the old one got locked because of the beta5.2 closed.

Its this something that could be expected to be included in 5.4?
Or, at least, is it something that its scheduled to happen?


The mesh vertex format now has 4 UV channels, which are either float2, float3, or float4, so you can stuff a lot of extra per vertex information in there..

You are totally right!!!!
I have been waiting for this change for so long, that overlooked this addition!

Thanks a lot!

Hmm, after some test, it seems that the UI system doesn't use UV3 and UV4.
It relies on the UIVertex, which only has UV0 and UV1.

Tried overriding the BaseMeshEffect.ModifyMesh (Mesh mesh) but it looks like internally the extra uvs in the mesh are discarded when batching them.

Is there any way around that?
Will it be possible to use extra UVs or have the Normal&Tangent not be normalized (most of the time the UI wont need them anyway and as far as I understood, the new shaders don't need them to be normalized)

really hope, they add this