UI behavior on resolution change

Hello there, I have a Canvas (for sharing purpose) that look something like this:
(in 16:9)

This Canvas is consist out of 2 parts: The background Image made in GIMP and the Black Text(including the Icon behind the “Player Level” Text) on the paper looking like panel.

When I now change the resolution of this Canvas to 18:9 the Image gets streched and the text misplaced. Also if I Change the resolution to a custom value of the editor, the Text messes Up Completly. Like this:

So my Question is: How do I alline (or Atache) the Text To the background Spirte so it doesnt change its position with a diffrent resolution or ratio. So that the text is kind of attached to the upper corner of the Paper looking like Panel and not the whole background Image.

I already tried the anker positions but they didnt work, because the text still crossed the lines on the paper.

If you have an Idea what could help me or just a hint in which direction I have to dig, feel free to comment.
Thank you in advance

With love from Switzerland

Canvas Scaler component of your Canvas which has your Text objects as a child must have “Scale with Screen Size” for its “UI Scale Mode”