UI Button Color multiplier doesnt work?

the button color tinting with color multiplier doesn’t work. It seems it only tints sprites, but I would assume that the reason for the multiplier is to brighten images higher than the initial bitmap (Which also what the help description states) but for me it can never go brighter only darker. If this is the case I don’t see the point of the color multiplier setting - you could do tinting without it.

Any help appreciated


This maybe too late but for anyone who is having the same problem, you can use ColorBlock.

 //Cache the existing colorblock of the UI button.
ColorBlock col = myUIButton.colors; 
//Set the color multiplier property.
col.colorMultiplier = 5;
//Assign back the colorblock to button to apply changes.
myUIButton.colors = col;

Correct. The UI Button ColorBlock multiplies it’s tint color against the graphic’s color. If you want it to be additive or something, you’ll have to write a custom button script.