UI button does not press if colliding with other UI object

Hello, I have a problem with unity UI buttons. If my button intersects with other UI object (for example- panel) i can’t press the button in the intersection place (the place, where button part is on other UI object), but I have no problem by pressing the button in the free, not intersected, part. By the way, it does not matter, if the button is higher or lower in Rect Transform position with intersected UI object, or if those different objects (button and other) are split into seperate canvases. How can I solve this problem?

Thanks .

Solved it myself, so answering it, maybe it will be useful for someone else…

I created a second canvas and put my button into it, then, on ‘Canvas’ component of my new canvas I changed ‘Sort Order’, so that it would be bigger by at least one than on my previous canvas with all the panels and similar elements.