UI Button in Android Cardboard not working

hi guys,

I downloaded the Unity-Cardboard-SDK-Demo from here and it’s working fine. In the demo is also a switch to a non-VR-version (single camera) integrated, where I’m trying to add some UI-Buttons to it. They’re getting shown and all, but I can’t interact with them.

I added a canvas, which looks like that and got two Panels with several Buttons:

My problem is, that I neither can press nor even highlight them by hovering on it. It always triggers the “normal” touch-event, which is handled like the magnet-button. Spent so much time to find a line in the demo-code where the touch-input is getting handled, but found nothing.

The scene looks like that:

Before the recent v0.5 release of the SDK, the Tap Is Trigger setting on the Cardboard object converted screen taps into trigger pulls. If you have an earlier version, clear that flag.

I have the same question with you ,but i am know it is StandaloneInputModule and GazeInputModule clash. and then I use NGUI replace UGUI. the result is work normal…