UI button in Panel not clickable

A canvas is created when the payer dies. The Canvas has a panel which has text and a button.
I have a Graphic Raycaster on the Canvas and the Panel (I’ve tried doing it with just one of them)
The button is set to intractable, with the OnClick() section filled out properly.
There is an EventSystem in my hierarchy.
I simply cant click the button, very frustrating.

Make sure there’s nothing covering the button at that point, remember, a click will simply interact with the first object it hits, so you need to make sure that there isn’t a transparent image covering the button, and nothing is being rendered over the top of it. You can pause the Game in the Editor when you die to try Select the button and see if it’s selecting something else first

Had same problem. Somehow button was disabling itself. Solved by script button.enabled = true.