UI Button stays highlighted after click

I’ve made a UI button with its transition state set to “Tint” and I can click it and call a function from its OnClick() event list. It generally seems to work as expected except for one small visual annoyance; after clicking the button, it remains in its highlighted state until I click somewhere else in the scene.

Anyone know why the button will not automatically return to the ‘Normal Color’ tint after the button is clicked and instead stays stuck on the ‘Highlighted Color’ state?

Or, does anyone know which class I can use to grab a reference to the button from inside the script being called from the OnClick() event list so I can force the UI button back to its default state?

Change the navigation to ‘none’ on the button component, it’s a bug with Unity’s keyboard menu navigation.

I found a solution that worked for me.

You need to remove the sprite from Selected Sprite. I think Unity bugs out when pressing the button and sometimes leaves it SELECTED which is why it lights up still.

Just set Selected Sprite to NONE and it’ll fix the issue.