UI button stops working after reload scene

So I created a simple menu for when my character dies, it has a button to play an ad to get gems, a button to use gems to continue and a third to reload the scene to restart.

Everything works fine, I can play my ads, use the continue and when needed reload my level but that’s when it breaks.

At this point I can play the game but the buttons stop functioning, I have noticed that after I reload the scene the objects that contains my scripts get removed from the onClickoption in the editor but I have no idea why this is.

Tried all of these and didn’t fix it. Finally found my problem:

I’m using the standard 1st person controller asset, and it locks the cursor. Need to unlock the cursor when going back to the main menu.

In the past I have had:

  1. UI textbox/image is on top of button so it isn’t clickable
  2. DontDestroyOnLoad doing wonky things