UI buttons are clickable but not performing task after go back to main menu

I am facing an issue with UI. When I start the game, it works fine. All the scene transitions are played, and the levels are loaded when their corresponding buttons are pressed. The problems arise when I return to the main menu using the mainmenu Button into the levels. When the player die and gameover screen displays it has mainmenu button that returns to the main menu. still, everything works fine until I go back to the play button, the buttons are unresponsive. Their animations don’t play and they don’t load the scenes like they’re supposed to. To reiterate, if I start the game from the main menu it works fine, the only time it stops working. it is when I load the main menu from a level.

It sounds like your Event System is missing. Without it your buttons don’t get events and so behave the way you are describing.