UI buttons covers each other because of their order

Hello guys,

I have a small problem.
I created 2 panels with sets of buttons. The order is: Canvas, ButtonPanel1, ButtonPanel2, Event system. But only the buttons of “ButtonPanel1” are clickable. When I change the order of panels, the buttons of panel2 are now clikable but not buttons of the panel1.

I have no idea how to fix this. I need both pannels because of an animation (first panel is animated to go up and the other go down).

Thanks for any help.

It’s possible to have more than two panels if any RectTransform is over another. Probably you have empty RecTransform over the buttons or an image/button with a RecTransform bigger than you need. Just check all the RecTransform.

Another opcion: Add to your panels a Canvas Group component and deactive Block Raycasts