UI Buttons for GEAR VR not working

I am using classes using from VR sample projects for Oculus . I can interact with other objects by attaching the VRInteractiveItem and another script to determine what happens when a user clicks on the Gear touch pad. BUT i am failing to make the user interact with the UI buttons even if i add the VRInteractiveItem . Can I be kindly assisted. @alishka

Thank you @jmgek

I have eventually found the solution also with the help of

since VRInteractiveItem requires colliders I had to put a collider on my button and then attach the VRInterectiveItem and the script i want to call.

UI buttons use raycasts to trigger events like OnMouseClick(), OnHover(), etc.

You can’t interact with the UI buttons unless you design your own UI handler on the remotes or Raycast on the headset from where you’re looking.
*VRInteractiveItem * is for physical objects with colliders attached. They don’t handle raycasts.

This is how I solve VR buttons: Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making
But you can use this solution too: VR Best Practice - Unity Learn