UI buttons in building game

Greetings all,

Looking for an input or steer please, been trying to figure this out for a week or so but suspect I’m trying the wrong things and truthfully I’m still relatively new to this.

In short, I’m working on a building game. After placing an instance of a building, I’d like the player to be able to click on any building and then display a UI which is particular to that instance of that building type (this would for example be used to ‘upgrade’ that building to one of several options.

I’ve got the selection of a building working but am struggling with the generation of a UI that’s bespoke to each building instance. Have worked down the lines of drawing the buttons via script but not convinced I’m approaching this in the right way.

I’d really appreciate any suggestions or pointers that you might have in the best way to tackle a function like this

A good place to start may be Recorded Video Sessions on UI - Unity Learn