UI buttons not working at all even in a new scene.

Please help. I have gone through all of the forums I can find about this, and have found nothing that makes the new UI work for me.

I’m using a fresh install of the latest 5.4.5p5 personal.
I create a new scene,
I add a UI canvas (which auto creates an Event System)
I add a button to the canvas and give it some roll over colour tints

When I play the scene the rollovers don’t work.
Furthermore I cannot get the new UI buttons to do anything at all other than display.
I believe the raycast is not working, but I don’t know why.

I have an event system with an event system script attached, and a Standalone input module.
The canvas has a Graphic Raycaster attached.

All default values in a new scene. 1 canvas, 1 button, no activity at all.
Also, the text on the buttons disappears sometimes in the editor. When I go to edit the text it reappears. (possibly related but I don’t know)

OK I solved it. It was the input settings. The Event System refers to default inputs in the project’s input settings that I had removed.