ui buttons not working with starter assets first person controller.

I tried to make a respawn button in my project. It was not at all responding. I tried everything i could find online but to no avail.

after a bit of troubleshooting i found that the starter assets first person controller was causing the issue. when i disabled the controller object in my hierarchy, the button seemed to work as expected. however when i re enabled the controller object, the button stopped responding again.

how do i fix this? pls help. (i have active input handling set to both.)

Hello! Go to PlayerArmature and in the Starter Asset Input script set to false the Cursor locked bool.

I have solved same issue by enabling “KeyboardMouse” option in “Use Control in Scheme” section for each binding in UI Action Map.

Hi bro unity starter asset changes the your eventsystem to the new one automatically so you need to go to player setting and select both option