UI canvas element resets anchor points and some of UI elements aren't visible after deployment to iPhone

Dear community,

I will start with second part of question, which is that after I did a test build to iPhone and everything looked good on unity, some UI images were gone. Basically I have a character which consists of some UI images, and 2 of them- which are hands, aren’t there. But body works and is visible. Important note should be that all of UI images are animated. So what I tried to do was updating unity. I have last version of unity atm and this leaded me to first part of my problem.

First part of the problem is that after updating my unity my UI image anchor points just randomly reset to left bottom corner after hitting the play button. I will add two pictures about it. What I tried to do was to take off my UI images from current canvas and place them in GO, but it didn’t work

Thank you in advance!

If somebody has same problem, then upgrading unity fixed the problem!