Ui Canvas Objects not visible in Google Cardboard

Hi All,

I am developing an app which uses google cardboard SDK.

I wanted to make back button to enable a canvas (Screen Space - Overlay) which contains confirmation message and “Yes” “No” buttons for use to select. And all UI objects are in UI layer.

I am having 3 other canvas for other purpose to hold UI objects. But they are kept at world space.

In play mode i can see my app running fine. But when i deploy to mobile, i dont see the UI objects. Can any one help me out.

5.3.4p2, a bug in Unity prevents rendering World Space uGUI Canvases into a RenderTexture.

Hi, you can set canvas scalar : scale with size, and in game mode you can change the resolution and check.

It will work fine.

Then how can we set it sir.

Please you please make a tutorial for it