UI Canvas performance

Hi everyone,

I have a simple 2D, incremental game.

Right now the game has all of it’s UI under one canvas with panels and subpanels acting as hierarchy. All of the UI elements are active at the same time (mostly because it’s scrollable).

Unfortunately, I’m seeing FPS goes under 15 on my android device (Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100).

The profiler shows huge spikes coming from EventsSystem.Update().

What are the my best possible options in this case?

Thanks in advance!


if by scrollable you mean that you have used ScrollRect, then that might be the issue. I’ve noticed myself that it can be really slow on weaker devices. There has been discussions about this on Unity forums, in UI area threads like this:


Sorry for the late reply here - the issue was actually because of all the objects that were visible at the same time (lots of which were not visible).

I fixed the issue by hiding everything that shouldn’t be visible by using canvas groups on all of the objects.