UI distortion after splash screen.

Hello! I have strange bug on some android(9.0) devices. Main menu UI is fully distorted after splash screen. But after loading of another game scenes and returning to main menu the bug disappears. I tried to make simple scene that only loads main menu. That doesn’t help. Camera clear flags is set to solid color. I have found similar problems but can’t find the solution:

Unity version 2017.4.39f1

This seems like a clear case of a Unity bug? To fix this, submit a bug report with Unity with a reproducable project, and after they verify it, ask them for a workaround.

@_Adriaan I can’t reproduce this bug on my android devices. That’s why it’s hard to solve this problem. I’m beta testing my game and one user has sent these screenshots to me. This is very rare bug.

Maybe someone has the same problem. Turning off anti-aliasing in quality settings solved this problem.