UI element attached to Camera Coordinates

Hey everyone,

I’d like to have a statistics panel (just a canvas with text basically) in the top right corner of the screen.
I therefore attached a Canvas to the MainCamera, but thing is as you probably know all the rectransform fields are greyed out… Is there a way to give to the canvas a position relative to the center of the camera screen ?

Or maybe is there an entirely better way to do this ?

(Using Unity5.6.0)

You shouldn’t attach a canvas directly to a camera. This will cause you problems. Unless your game is networked, you can just add a canvas to the scene and it will be seen in front of the camera at all times. Then, just set your anchors for the UI components under the canvas for where you want them on the canvas IE, top right corner.

Oh wait I got it, the Canvas is now in the “root” of the hierarchy, but set to “Screen Space - Camera”