Ui element is culled when the element is over 1000 units on the Z axis.

I was wondering how to stop the culling from accuring, ive decided to go with the aproach of one canvas for UI elements. At the moment im using “nameplates” above game obejcts and using camera.WorldToScreenPoint() to set their loaction on the canvas. the only trouble is, is when one of the game obejcts is > 1000 away from the canvas untiy will cull that UI element.

Example of the code i attach to a UI element to keep it at the game obejct.

alt text

(main cam clipping is set to 500000)

As stated when the element is over 1000 on the Z the ui element will cull out.
I realy want to stop this from happening thanks for your time!.

No, I ended up moving the nameplates to one main canvas and using sa calculation to work out the position of each plate to be above the game object it belonged to.

Have you found a solution to this ?