UI element not showing unless I select it in Heirachy list? Possible bug?

I am using the modern UI asset pack from the store and have configured the radial to fill up based on the current score and show the percentage to completion. It works by showing the percentage done and fills up the bar based on that percentage done (for example if it was 50% the bar is 50% filled in)

It works beautifully, except for when it is not selected on the heirachy list. If i select another object, my player for instance, it just stops working in that the bar stops filling out. Oddly enough the text still works which is a child component as well but the fill image stops working and just remains stuck. The second I click on it again where it lives under the Canvas folder it works. What is going on here? Is this a bug or some weird layering issue?

I also changed the component back to how it was before I changed anything and am still getting the same issue, you can see a video of that here: Unity issue - YouTube