UI elements inactive after activation from their parent

Hello, I have the following problem. If I use the code to activate the canvas on which there are buttons, they cannot be used. In the event handler inspector, the button is not even recognized. The problem occurs when i used below mentioned code. No buttons can be used on the opened second page. (all inspector settings are correct, checked it several times)

public Button Button2;    //the button on page 2 which cannot be used
public void toSecondScreen()
public void superFalse()

I actually have exactly the same issue, Unity 2021.3.7f1 It’s driving me mad. Did you solve yours?

In my case, my game menu works the first time it is activated when starting the scene unloaded.
As soon as I call setActive(false) on my menu canvas, or I disable it from inspector, the buttons will never trigger when I call setActive(true) or activate it from the inspector.

Does the event system have a new behaviour and the buttons need to be registered to it when being set active? I could’nt find any documentation that highlights such and odd behaviour.

I have been using unity for 10 years now, and never had such an issue.