UI elements rounding position to parent gameobject


I’ve been working on a game and one annoying thing I’ve found is that when I moved a gameobject that is a parent to, say, a button, when I moved the parent gamobject the child button seems to snap in to place when I move it, as if it were snapping on to a grid.

Now while I’ll mention that I’m working with small numbers, they aren’t astronomically low (I’m working with coordinates at or below 1)

It’s not easily noticeable, but I’m trying to get the position of the parent gameobject just right (it’s a pause button that I’m putting on the top-right corner) and so it would make sense that I wouldn’t want the pause button to be slightly off of the position.

Can anyone lend me some help on this?

If the child object is meant to be in the same place as the parent object then make sure the child’s location is 0,0,0. Child transforms are relative to their parent.