UI Image gets distorted

I’m trying to set up a UI using the new UI system on unity 4.6

I created a UI Image but when I added a PNG file (actually I tried using PSD, TIFF and got the same problam) my image gets distorted.

this happens only when I set the filter to “point”, but when trying the other filters the image is really blurred… so “point” is the best option

I found out that changing the game resoloution can fix it, it happens only on 16:10, 16:9 and free aspect

here’s what I’m talking about:

the one on the left is the original and the one on the right is in unity - you can see that the image gets distorted in the red circle.

Check the Pixel Perfect checkbox for the canvas to which this image belongs.

I have got the similar problem with my awesome gui.

There are two factors: sampling and pixel alignment.

Regarding sampling: if one texel is smaller or larger then physical pixel of a resolution it goes sampled which can give awkward artifacts. Make sure GUI is rendered on special pixel-perfect orthographic camera where 1 unit translates absolutely to 1 pixel.

Regarding alignment: on DX it is assumed pixel is in center of unit so you need to nudge the object by 0.5F on x and y axises. On OGL pixels start at unit edge and no coordinate manipulation required.

For example: DX-aligned pixel-perfect GUI on OGL device(Android)