UI image hiding another image until moved

Hey guys,
so I’ve got my pause menu inside my game, and I’m moving tape rollers across the screen.
I want to “show” a button as soon as the tape roller is moving over it (image will explain better).
My problem right now is that I can’t find a solution to do so, I tried Masks and an individually programmed mask.
The problem with the Mask Object is, that it can only affect the children which I don’t want.

Here is an image to show what I mean:

I hope the image does explain what I mean. If not, ask me about information that are missing.

Okay, thanks to another Video and a friend of mine, I found the solution for my problem:

I just have to change the button Image Type from “simple” to “filled” and inside that the Fill Method form “Radial 360” to “Horizontal”. Now I just have to time it with the Tape Rollers, and it will work perfectly fine.
Maybe someone else will run into something like this.