UI Image size


My sprites have a PPU of 16.
The Canvas Scaler is set to scale with screen size
Reference Resolution of x:1024, y: 768
I have set Match Width Or Height, matched 0.5
With a reference pixels per unit of 16, since thats the sprite PPU
Then I put an image in the UI with a sprite of PPU 16, that is 16x16 pixels. So I set width and height to 16. But it becomes super tiny? It doesn’t at all become 16x16? In fact I think it became 2x2? Even tho the scale is set to 1. Pressing “Set Native Size” doesn’t do anything.

Am I doing something wrong or is the Unity Canvas just really fucked up

Hey @cupofcreeper98, so what is your screen orientation, landscape or portrait?
Was your image exported from the 2d software using PPU/PPI 16 as well?
Here is a sample project I created for you using your same canvas scaler resolution and a 16x16 image exported from photoshop using 72ppi (pixels per inch).
I used Unity 2018.2.20f1 (64-bit) to create this sample project. Feel free to contact me back if you still miss something.

If you don’t mind sharing your own project I can take a look and tell you what was wrong, however, I set this model project the way you described above and everything is working normally, you even see exactly 64 little squares side by side filling the whole width on 1024.