UI Image with material works in scene mode, but black in game mode - Shader graph,Sprite is fully black in game view but not in scene view - Shader graph

So I’m basically using Shader Graph to create a moving texture.
I have a unlit shader which moves the texture with some noise and it looks perfect in scene mode and
preview mode of the shader graph.

But when i go into game view it becomes totally black. I’ve tried looking for answers everywhere, but can’t seem to find a solution.

I’m still having this issue with all packages up to date (29/02/2020)
Setting the canvas mode to screen space camera isn’t a solution but a trick

Is there any solution to fixed that bug ?
Or is it just impossible to use shader graph in UI canvas ?

I’ve found a solution to this problem. It has to do with the Render mode of the parent canvas.
Set the parent canvas to Screen Space - Camera instead of Screen Space- Overlay and it should be fixed.

Don’t forget to attach the main camera!

Having the exact same problem… can someone from Unity confirm if this is a bug or just something we cannot do right now?

Also have this problem. Any solutions?

The shader needs to be set as “transparent” rather than “opaque”.
This solves the issue for me.

Bump please, having the same problem here, I want to give a PBR material to a UI-Image!!!

Instead of an Image, add a RawImage. Then, save your .png as a texture in Unity and apply this texture to the RawImage.

I just came across this issue and can confirm that it is a bug (present in Unity 2021.3.11f1) as it works in Scene mode and in Builds (on iOS at least) but not in the Game Window.
We currently can’t update the project, so I haven’t tried if this is already fixed in later versions.