UI in multiplayer problem

I’ve been having a problem with the UI system were i can’t get the UI Canvas in Screen-Space Overlay mode to only show to one camera (one player/client). Also if you don’t already know culling masks don’t work with the Screen-Space Overlay mode.

So even though no one answered my question, I ended up figuring it out myself.

    void TurnOnUI(Canvas UI)

The answer is that you have to use RPC and [SerializeField] to get the UI to only be active for you. Its kinda tricky but it works. If you have anymore questions on how I did this i’ll answer them below.

can you give me more details about it? right know every change i made on the canvas UI shows changes only on the server, clients can’t see the changes i apply.

Adding the Canvas to private gameobject and turning it on by script can do the job? thanks in advance for any answer you can give, since this thread is years old already.