UI in VR - After highlighted animation has finished I want the button to activate ( on click) without pressing any input, any advice please?


I am creating a simple VR app for the Gear.
What I want is to look at a UI button, it will be a radial button and once the highlited animation has finished it will select the button ( click )

I have the ui icon playing the highlighted animation when I look at it in the headset, but I have to click ( using mouse, or keyboard ) to active the on click event( which currently loads the next scene)

Is there a way once the highlighted animation completes to active the click function, or what is the best way?

I am very new to c# so will need some guidance or script to follow if possible

Thanks in advance, im sure i am missing some thing simple

I think I had a similar problem like you. In the animator I made some conections to get my button exactly as I like. Take a look in the image below, I hope this example is useful to you.