UI Input fields not working properly in Unity 5 on Android

In Unity 4.6 my input fields were working just fine on my android device, but now that I have upgraded to Unity 5 they are unpredictable. When I tap them to bring the keyboard up and type into them, they work just fine, but when I click the “OK” button on the keyboard to enter the text, sometimes it clears the text in the input field when the keyboard goes away and sometimes it does not.

I have tried creating new input fields instead of using the ones that were upgraded from the previous project, but the same problem persists. I am testing on a Galaxy Tab 2.

Folks, can you please use search or at least look through first page of Android answers?

I just answered same question yesterday: Unity 5 input field unable to store user input - Unity Answers

You should update to Unity 5.0.2.