UI InputField Virtual Keyboard

I am trying to create a login page where users can enter email/password, but I can’t get the virtual keyboard to show up in the simulator when selecting the input field. There’s an EventSystem with XRUIInputModule in the scene. I imagine I’m doing something fundamentally wrong, but can’t find documentation to help and the sample scenes don’t have an input field.


This is not yet supported on our side. The plan is to have the normal keyboard API’s that show a virtual keyboard on other platforms work on visionOS.

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Got it, thanks. I need a way for users to sign in. Since they can’t use the keyboard, is it possible to implement a “Sign In with Apple” button? My initial attempts failed. If not, how else would you recommend to implement some kind of user identification? The app makes server calls and needs to at least have some user_id for serving back the right data.


When this does get support added, will it be functional in both polyspatial and VR builds?