UI Layering Problem!

High im trying to get my object “Special Glow” to render underneath the 3 “special” objects, but when i click play, it moves the Special Glow to the very front, on top of the other UI objects.

for anyone that comes across this, use a little setting called “Sort order” inside the canvas component to set the Layering of UI elements.

Easy to solve issue.

The Canvas UI renders based on the child object hierarchy. Just select the object and put it outside SpecialBar gameobject and make it directly a child object as its just a background. Make sure that the image is behind the layer of the specialBar. this should immediately fix the issue.

Alternate way:

Just make sure that the SpecialBar object is the last in the heirarchy. Its calling before your menu, score and death Ui objects in Canvas.

Hope this helps.