UI layout got messed up after transferring project files!

Hello, everyone

I have a problem that would consume a lot of my time… I have transferred my project files to another PC, loaded the project but i was surprised that UI layout(specifically i mean buttons and images) got messed up and i have to go by each UI element to arrange them again!

So, does anyone know what is the main reason of the problem and how to get it fixed if any?


IMPORTANT: After the discussing below i have figured out that my issue is not related to UI layout, it is related to image import settings and it can be temporarily fixed by applying import settings again for each image.

If you have transferred files separately to a project without ‘exporting’ them, make sure that the META files are visible and are copied with the corresponding asset-files. META files contain all the setup information for that file within its project environment so to omit these file will leave your asset in its default state.

Try this (ONLY if you are experiencing and issue as outlined in that QA)