UI Layouts causing massive frame rate drop?

I recently noticed a major slowdown in my game that wasn’t there before. I normally get 90+ fps, except for when I scroll the boxes that have the “Test text” on them, then it slows down to around 4 fps before going back to 90 fps when the scrolling stops. Each of those boxes is parented to a Vertical Layout which is controlled by a scrolling rect. This used to work without any significant slow downs, and I’m not sure what changed. I looked through the profiler to confirm that it indeed seems to be a problem with the UI that’s tanking the frame rate, although I don’t really know how to use the profiler and could be wrong. The giant purple spike is under the Scripts category and not UI which confuses me because the table below makes it seem like it’s a problem with the UI Layouts.

Any insight in what could be causing this would be greatly appreciated.

I can confirm the same issue with my inventory UI which uses Horizontal Layout Group. It has a huge drain on the FPS down with a loss of approx 180 FPS caused by it. I would expect a gradual decline in performance but not huge drastic drops like i’m experiencing with 2022.2.19 version. Just to confirm i’m using virtualizing technology so the batch remains very good.

Try turning off pixel perfect on the canvas and see what happens! I got a 400 FPS increase in performance. Without any noticeable graphics UI blur.