Ui moving slighty when toggling Active State


Hi everyone,

I’ve got a problem with my UI. There’s a button that when clicked, toggles the Active state of the buttons in the right container.
It’s divided with a Horizontal Layout Group, in three parts. I’d like these parts to remain equal size. The problem is that when I toggle the active state of the "ChoiceSubContainer", that contains 4 buttons, its parent container (the right side one) grows slightly. How can I avoid this effect?

I’ve tried using Control Child Size on the parent container, and also having a Min Width on the ContainerMiddle but to no avail.

I’ve uploaded a video of the problem I’m having :


Thanks in advance!

I’ve fixed it by giving each of the containers Horizontal Layout Group the same minimum width!

I wholeheartedly recommend this video on UI, he explains every option of the layout elements pretty neatly!