UI Navigation on Fire TV

I have created a simple button menu for a game and have set the First Selected in the event system to be the topmost menu button. This all works exactly as expected (using a game controller) when I run in the editor or if I create a standalone Windows build. However if I create an apk and deploy it to a Fire TV then I am unable to navigate through the menu (using the game controller) and in addition the menu option indicated by the First Selected value does not actually get selected.

I have made no changes in the input manager, so the controls are all vanilla. The controls within the game levels themselves work as expected on the Fire TV.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any idea why this wouldn’t be working?

I’ve been working on the same issue but, gave up. Both Unity GUI and NGUI have keyboard control elements so, I updated the menu to work with the PC arrow keys which map to the corresponding control on the FireTV.

At best, it works for simple menus but not for scrolling menus or that tween to sub-menus.