UI not responding.

None of my buttons, input fields, dropdowns, etc. are working.
I put them on a canvas, added onClick events and stuff, but whenever I play, nothing happens. They don’t go dark when my mouse hovers over them, they don’t do what they’re supposed to when I click them, I can’t type in input fields. Nothing’s working!
Please help.

Do you have an EventSytem on your scene? If you don’t have it your UI elements would not work

This problem may be caused by some element which is placed over your button. For example, when you have a button and a text next to it, check the width of the text, if it is too big, it may cover the button.

Another possible reason is that your UI is using Canvas with Render Mode “World Space” and you don’t have Event Camera field of the Canvas set with your camera (Canvas.worldCamera property). If your main camera has tag MainCamera, then it will be wired automatically but if not you have to make sure you set Canvas.worldCamera property from the inspector or programatically.