UI- Rotational Inventory,Where to begin?


I want some guidance with where to begin implementing something like the below (in a 2D setting),

I want it so the player can just circle through the list of items in their inventory, with their current item displayed at front center (item 1) in the above image. Now putting these items into a list or an array isn’t a problem for me. It’s more the format of displaying it. Would this be possible in the UI? or would i be better off putting this in the main camera? A few pointers would be awesome before i begin attempting to implement this idea.

I’m not asking you to do this for me, just some help,pointers,guidance would be appreciated from anyone who can shed some light on this.

I’ve made a similar character selector in my project and shared it as a separate project on github : GitHub - digzou/CarouselScrollMenu

The link has a preview too.

Feel free to use it and suggest improvements. :slight_smile:

Orthographic cameras use linear depth, so with that in mind, you can approach this by simulating depth and rotation by setting paths and scaling accordingly to give it the illusion they circle in and out of depth. It took me like 8 hour but i got the core of it down in the end.

You can view the gif here It’s not complete but it’s a start. Answered my own question so gonna mark it as answered.