UI Scroll View - Scrollbar only working on one half


A little backstory on what i’m attempting to achieve; a quests menu that scrolls with the quests within the game. ScrollView is exactly what I want to achieve what I want to achieve.

In order to make the scrollview fit my menu, I have to change the scale of the entire scrollview gameobject, else the scrollbars are far too big for the menu.

This all works fine, however when I go to move the scrollbar, only the lower half of the scrollbar actually works, almost as if there is a gameobject or something that is preventing the mouseclick for working.

Below is a GIF of the problem. Please note I am clicking constantly on the scrollbar throughout the GIF in order to show the problem. Clicks only register on the scrollbar, and the scrollbar only moves when clicking the lower part of the scrollbar.
GIF: Screen capture - 276b9a187ca2a0e3a7ebcf2746954378 - Gyazo

Thanks for all help.

Still having issues with this problem. Any help is much appreciated.