UI slider how change Fill to image ? (Problem deformation)!!


i create new slider UI and change Fill to image and get this deformation like image

Is there a way to make a picture stay in place fades the part With value slider

thank you

I am not sure about the way you;re doing it but I presume you;re using a Slider.

  1. Get rid of the slider, create two Image components. One will be your grey image background and one will be your red fill.

  2. Scale both to the same size so that the red image overlaps the grey background completely.

  3. On the red fill, change:

  • Image Type to Filled

  • Fill Method to Horizontal

  • Fill Origin to Left

By adjusting the Fill Amount you get your desired efect.

The Slider component has slightly different usecase.

Have fun!

Thanks, man. I was struggling with the slider and your solution made it a lot easier.